Chris the Magician
 Chris the Magician

"That was some cool magic you did for us on Saturday night Chris. Thanks again" Miss Barker


"Christopher is better than Dynamo!" Chris's Mum


"Christopher is not better than me!" Dynamo


"Thank you so much Chris. You wowed everyone, as usual. The bottle trick, talk of the wows that one was!!" Mrs Griffiths


"Ooooh la la" An atractive French lady


"Shut the front door!!" An atractive English lady


"Unbelieveable. That really blew my mind" Mr C Scott, Silver Fox Racing


"So amazing. I've given up trying to work out how it is done and have decided it's just Magic" Mr B Filtness


"When I grow up, I want to be a magician like Chris" Alex, aged 8


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